SEO Manager

Mendix | Feb 2018 – Current; Boston, MA

Summary: Overseeing all organic search strategy, I work towards improving keyword rankings and site visibility to grow Mendix’s traffic and boost conversion rates worldwide.

Duties Include:

  • In-depth research into keyword trends and performance.
  • Optimizing all web assets including the blog, YouTube Channel and all web properties owned by Mendix.
  • Assisting our blog, video, PR, community and product development teams with keyword and content strategy.
  • Daily keyword and performance monitoring with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Technical Audits
    • Site Crawls
    • Broken Links and Images
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Site Speed
    • Redirects
    • Structured Data
  • Content Curation targeting specific keyword and topic groups on existing pages and the creation of new pages.
  • International SEO
  • Keeping up-to-date on latest changes in search engine algorithms and the latest strategies.
  • Backlink building and monitoring
  • Assisting at conferences


Senior SEO Specialist

Exclusive Concepts | Aug 2015 – Feb 2018; Boston, MA

Summary: Serving as a SEO Specialist, I collaborate with clients to boost their site’s presence in the Search Engines, improve site usability, increase conversions, and build brand awareness at a national or international level.

Duties Include:

  • Conference Calls with Clients, Marketing Managers, & Web Developers.
  • Occasional Offsite Client Meetings
  • In-depth Statistical Analysis:
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Local SEO Analysis
    • Technical Audits
    • User Experience Analysis
    • Information Architecture Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • Budgeting client’s budget & resources.
  • Coordinating with our in-house content & development teams
  • Collaborating with our in-house PPC & Google Shopping Teams
  • Content Marketing:
    • Concept – Articles, Infographics, etc
    • Promotion – Social Media
    • Outreach – Blogs & Publications
  • Utilizing eCommerce Content Management Systems
    • Yahoo Business
    • Shopify
    • Big Commerce
  • Standard SEO Best Practices and their Implementation.
  • Contributing to Company Blog.
  • Research and presenting new/improving current services.
  • Case Studies
  • BrightEdge Certified


  • Collaborating with colleagues on standardizing content marketing strategy.


Senior SEO Strategist

Localedge – A Hearst Media Services Company | Dec 2012 – Aug 2015; Buffalo, NY

Summary: I work with clients from major markets all over the US, Australia, and New Zealand as a dedicated strategist to optimize company websites towards the goal of having these sites rank higher in organic search.

Duties Include:

  • Conference calls with customers, campaign managers and sales representatives.
  • In-depth keyword research.
  • Statistical Analysis and putting together monthly reports.
  • Extensive continuous research in the trends of internet marketing.
  • Manning the SEO Hotline to answer any questions sales representatives in the field might have.
  • Optimization of Websites both on and offsite using the following methods:
    • Meta Tag Optimization – Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Robots, Canonicalization, Hreflang
    • Content Optimization – keyword matrices, heading tags, internal & external link organization
    • Site Speed Optimization
    • User Experience (UX) Optimization – User flow analysis, Call-to-actions (CTAs), Click Analysis, Goal Tracking, Social Media Buttons
    • Backend Optimization – Sitemaps, Robots.txt, & .htaccess
    • Link Building – Natural link building using only highly relevant directories and social media profiles
    • Social Media Posts
    • Content Creation – Blogs, Articles, Webpages and Press Releases
    • 301 Redirects
    • Custom 404 error pages and broken link cleanup
    • Backlink Cleanup
    • Rich Text Snippets & Open Graph Markup
    • Menu Optimization
    • Social Media Management – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Houz, Yelp, Trip Advisor
  • Content Management System (CMS) use:
    • Proprietary CMS
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Squarespace
    • Shopify
    • Yahoo Business
    • Concrete5
    • Wix
    • Several Other non-mainstream CMSs
  • Utilization of the following tools/programs on a regular basis:
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • MS Excel
    • MS Word
    • MS Powerpoint
    • FTP Clients
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Bing Webmaster Tools
    • Searchmetrics
    • Proprietary Tools and Software
    • Image Editing Software
    • Various web based applications and tools
  • Senior Strategist Duties:
    • Contributing to Company Blog
    • Research Projects
    • Lead a team of 3 junior strategists – answering questions and concerns, helping with issues as they arise, being there for support, and acting as a conduit of communication between my team and our supervisor.
    • Audits
    • Back up sales proposal coordinator on the nightshift
    • Fulfilling proposals for SEO requests


  • Peak Percentage of Keywords Ranking on the First Page of Google: 70% 11.4.2015
  • Creation of Australia and New Zealand specific strategies and procedures from scratch.
  • Being Published on the Company Blog: Breaking the Threshold – SEO in Foreign Markets.
  • Developing Procedures that helped to better facilitate communication between the day and Australian Shift.


Student Representative

London Metropolitan University | Oct 2011 – Aug 2012; London, UK

Summary: Representing my fellow postgraduate Media Study classmates. Listening to my constituency’s concerns, critiques, and praises for the various aspects of the University. Relaying that information to the student representative board and making sure issues are raised where warranted. I act as an intermediate between the students and the University.

Intern – Work Study

IGN UK | July 2012; London, UK

Summary:Writing articles and news shorts for In-depth overview of the marketing and advertisement procedures. Office duties including database entry and research.

Applications Specialist/Office Assistant/Delivery Assistant

Central Business Systems | Oct 2010 – Aug 2011; Buffalo, NY

Summary: A myriad of jobs that ranged from set up and delivery of copiers, to educating customers on the functions of their new or refurbished copier.


  • The setup and delivery of copy machines to clients.
  • Educating customers at their place of business on the functions and use of their new copier machine.
  • Assisting connecting copiers to local networks by installing drivers onto central servers.
  • Various Office Duties
    • Inventory
    • File Sorting
    • Data Entry
    • Heavy Lifting
    • Social Media Management
    • Email Blasts