Written Publications


Breaking the Threshold – SEO in Foreign Markets

Date: 1.12.2015
Publisher: Localedge/Hearst Media Services
Role: Author
Description: As it turns out SEO – and internet marketing in general – best practices can vary from one country to another. Preferences of search engines and social media platforms can wildly alter your strategies when operating in a foreign landscape. This article explores the difficulties and nuances one may encounter when optimizing websites for other nationalities and ways to be prepared.



Video Production


Inside the Occupation

Date: 1.26.2012
Platform: Youtube
Role: Director, Camera, Sound, Editing and Post-production
Collaborators: Carla Manso, Ashley Williams
Description: During the summer of 2012, the Occupy Wall Street Movement was in full swing. The movement was so persuasive that it rapidly spread to major cities across the world. This included London where protesters set up camp as Saint Paul’s Cathedral as Occupy LSX (London Stock Exchange). Filmed as a final project for a postgraduate course – Digital Video Production – at London Metropolitan University, the video illustrates the thoughts, hopes and fears of the protestors themselves. This is achieved through onsite interviews and observational shots.