My Philosophy

It isn’t enough to go about our daily lives content with the mundane happenstance of everyday life, but should always strive to better ourselves – as well as our community and society – towards maybe not always the perfect reflection, but the best we can achieve under our own fortitude and drive to succeed.

With a focus on learning and education, this philosophy is present in every endeavor I take on. Through my current work and my time in both under and postgraduate studies I have become adept at disseminating information, analyzing it and putting it back together with a new understanding on how things work and why.

Your Dedicated SEO Strategist

Currently, I work as an SEO strategist optimizing websites so that they are easier found in Google. Through this job with the Hearst Corporation – ESPN, A&E Entertainment and major international publications too numerous to name – I found myself interacting with a diverse range of clients – lawyers to head shops – from major markets all across the US.

Furthermore, when it was announced that my company was expanding into Australia, I jumped at the opportunity to put my UK masters degree to good use. Almost single handedly – with some outside support – I helped to mold and shape most of the policies concerning SEO campaigns in Australia for my company.

Dynamic Marketing

SEO as it turns out is not just about optimizing some meta tags and making sure keywords are present in a site’s content. True SEO also showed me the world of Social Media Management and Content Marketing, while having me greatly expand my knowledge by working with content management systems you have never heard of both intuitive and obtuse. This has lead me into research and implementation of user interface and web design to ensure visitors to my client’s sites were having the best possible experience and making conversions.

As for the future, both immediate and long term, I am increasingly seeing the world of higher education appealing to myself. I am no stranger to academia, love researching new things, and analyzing data. More importantly perhaps, I see education as a way of giving back to our shared society. I do not strive just to make myself a better person through my continuous intrigue into educating myself and honing my skills, but hope that this drive may also allow me to improve society in time, even if my contribution is merely a small one.

From the 716 to the 617

In August 2015, I left Buffalo to work at an ecommerce focused marketing agency – Exclusive Concepts – based outside of Boston, MA. During my tenure at Exclusive was able to obtain an obscene amount of experience working on gigantic ecommerce sites of regional, national and international brands. Since these sites often have thousands or tens-of-thousands of products, and often hundred-of-thousands of indexable pages, I found myself getting comfortable with giant data sets and the challenge of ensuring Google is indexing valuable pages while making sure crawl resources were not being wasted on pages with low or no value.

Instructing the Community

In November 2017, I began teaching an Introduction to SEO class at the Cambridge Center of Adult Education – CCAE. My curriculum covered topics ranging from the history of search to reporting and from basic optimization to content marketing. Students taking my course represented a diverse set of professions ranging from marketers to small business owners.

The Low Code

Agency life was fun, but at the end of the day when you’re dealing with a diverse array of clients in a wide spectrum of industries, you only get a superficial feel of any given industry but never a deeper mastery. In February 2018, I left the agency life to go in-house, working on an internal marketing at Mendix – the world’s leading low-code development platform.